Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Differents ways to smoke food

The smoking is performed by removing the water from organisms by the action of smoke and the dry air stream caused by fire. It is an invention to keep food longer and we smoke fish and meat. We place the products to smoke in tunnels or chimneys through which the smoke passes from burning wood such as oak, walnut, mahogany, birch or ash. With the smoking technique we accomplishes two goals: the conservation by dehydration and the addition of certain substances that flow from such fragrant woods and give them a special flavor. The composition of the wood used for smoking is in my country a secret that goes from father to son.

There are two ways to do the smoking. The first one is cold smoked, which is for example the salmon we buy in stores, and the second is hot smoked.

Cold smoked. The idea of this form of smoking is that the fish or the meat in no time must exceed the temperature of 60 ° celcius. The process of smoking lengthens and the result is that we know of smoking we buy in the store. Before you start smoking you have to put the piece in a brine of salt mixed with sugar or added directly at the piece. Salting time depends on the size and thickness of the fillets. And so does the smoking time also. For a 3 kgs cold-smoked salmon we need at least a couple of hours of smoking and after the smoking a day of ventilation. To build a smoker like this we must separate oven and smokehouse site, so that the smoke is cooled down on the way and never gets to the smokehouse with over 60º.

Hot smoking. They are the easiest to do. This is a box made of metal, where there is a rack and a tray about 2 cm above the bottom high. The idea is to put a couple of spoons of sawdust of hardwood at the bottom of the box. This sawdust can be flavored with a little juniper, rosemary, thyme or anise if you will. Then we place a metal tray on top of the sawdust, so the fish does not drip on the sawdust. Prepare the fish with a little of salt and some herbs to give taste and place the piece on the grill tray. Close the box and placed it over a fire so that the sawdust is lit while the fish is as cooking in its own juice and gets the smoke flavor. Its take about 12 to 15 minuts to smoke a fish. Little bit longer for meat.

Here is a hot-smoked salmon. You can see that the meat inside is cooked while the outside is more toasted and has caught the flavor of smoke.

All healthy, quick and easy to do.

Another delicacy from Norway is hot smoked mackerel with a little freshly ground colored pepper on top. It can be served as hot or cold dish comes together on a slice of bread.

It can also be smoked meats and poultry. Only your own imagination is the limit to make meals with this system.

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